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Dr. Nia Imani Fields is an educator and advocate for social justice. She was born and raised in New York and moved to Baltimore after graduating from Morgan State University. There was something special about her HBCU experience. Something she would later learn to describe as cultural and social capital. Having been raised in a family where education, purpose, and community were foundational--it's no surprise she has spent her career working with youth, organizations and communities. 


Dr. Fields has a doctorate in Urban Educational Leadership and a M.S. in Urban Affairs and Public Policy with a focus in Community and Youth Development. Throughout her career, her focus has been to work towards the positive development of youth, families, and communities. Dr. Fields has served as the Maryland 4-H Program Leader. In this role, Dr. Fields provided leadership and direction for 4-H Youth Development programs, faculty and staff. Dr. Fields is a retired professor from the University of Maryland, College Park and her research interests center around positive youth development’s relationship to social capital and social justice. She now serves as the Deputy Director for the National Youth Employment Coalition where she supports a strategic vision towards economic mobility and well-being for young adults across the country. 


My true purpose in life is to increase networks and expand access for youth and young adults— particularly those excluded from opportunities to thrive!

Dr. Nia Imani Fields
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Dr. Katherine S., CA

“Dr. Fields is a national leader in supporting executives and teams to create meaningful systems and organizational changes. Her work with community-based organizations, governmental agencies, and educational institutions has driven equitable improvements for youth, families, and communities across the country."

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